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Yesterday's birding experience

Our team out on a 3 week birding safari sent a greeting about yesterdays experience. 

They went on the "Royal Mile" on a quest for the Ituri Batis, Batis ituriensis and the Uganda Woodland Warbler, Phylloscopus Budongoensis. The "Royal Mile" is a well known birding spot in Uganda and was a must on this extensive birding safari. They then continued twitching for the Rare Papyrus endemics. The Papyrus Gonolek, Laniarius mufumbiri and the Great Swamp Warbler, Acrocephalus rufescens. Finishing off the day with dinner and the mandatory checklist of which birds had been seen. A great day in Uganda's birding paradise!


Take a look on our page about birding in Uganda for inspiration for your own adventure. 



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