Visit and tour Uganda during your holiday because as a visitor you have a lot of options to choose from and a chance to ‘Discover your travel Dreams

In our Country, unlike our great lakes neighbors who practice more of mass tourism, at home an eco-tourism approach has been taken and really paying off highly to the visitors, hosts, wildlife and operators at large.

Despite a set back after a political earthquake that dates back to 1960s, our Mamaland Uganda closely lost up to 3 decades Politically, economically and almost socially! The climax of the turmoil was when the Conqueror of the British empire-Field Marshal Idi Amin Dada militarily took over power and for 9 years it was a regime of murder and terror! Luckily enough since the popular Luwero triangle war instigated by Mr. Yoweri Museveni after mega titanic rigging, our now president with 26 other men headed to the bush and for 5 years took over power and for 20yrs we haven’t looked back.

Uganda’s growth has been used as a role model for growing countries by the UN, EU IMF, W.H.O on the fight against HIV spread with our President leading the medal list!

The reflection of a steady in tourism is highly attributed to the political stability and a breakdown of insurgency plus how socially, friendly a backbone of cultures cement our Mamaland Uganda and this underlines it as visitors ‘Prime destination’.

From what to see, enjoy and carry home, sizeable memories will stay vivid for a long time! Attractions within our city set up from the flow of traffic to rural dwellers making for the Kampala city, conservative cattle herdsmen beating them off the road in the outskirts is a wonder of its self.

World heritage sites like the Kasubi Royal tombs dating back to 140years ago as the first explorers stepped in Uganda (by then the political set up of monarchism) alike to the English amazed the first visitors , historical worship places to visit raised during Islamic, Catholic, Protestant missionaries and the king scuffled and fought for followers in the late 19th century.

The prime attractions in the Principal vegetation types and communities are swamp forests-permanent swamp, Savannah-short grass, mixed tree, Acacia gerrardi tree, savannah-tall grass mixed and shrub with more than this covering large portions of parks where grass is a dominant plant and the natives of the vast plains range from tropical Insects, Amphibians, birds rare Antelopes, small rodents-Rock hyrax, hares, honey badgers, Snake eating mammals like the Mongooses, Cats and the big Proud Cats Lions, Leopards- Grazers like the Big 5 members –Elephant, Buffalo Herds, land and water Adapted Hippopotamuses and the National Geographical society Killing machine the Nile Crocodile! Savannah version of Pigs the Warthog- Pumba  of the award winning Lion King are a hallmark sign in all the game parks in Mamaland Uganda.

Uganda has got its share of Reptiles-snakes like the spitting Cobra, Pythons, Birds like the small colored red Bishops, noisy Speke Weaverbirds, Paradise Pin tailed whydahs to the Spirited birds of prey like the Marshal eagles, fast moving Falcons not forgetting the Endemic species to our home like the Pre- historic Great Shoebill stork and the African green Broadbill!

Renowned field experts in Birds with extensive experience like Ian Sinclair confirm Uganda as a Birders paradise with 13% of the worlds population here.


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