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At Mamaland Safaris we see giving back to the community as an important part in our efforts. We do this in different ways but the aim is always to spread the positive effects of tourism so more Ugandans can benefit.

Why we do it

Uganda is rich in nature, friendly people and fascinating animals but we are classified as one of the poorest countries in the world. With this in mind there are many people in need and a little support can go a long way. At Mamaland Safaris we see a brighter future ahead for our beloved mamaland.

Support to families around our lodge Pumba Safari Cottages

Mamaland Safaris’ has a lodge called Pumba Safari Cottages by the edge of the park Queen Elizabeth National Park. It is located by a village called Kyambura and we like to give some support to the families living there so that they feel that tourism brings something to them. Through a project of teaching crafts such as making simple shoes we hope to give a skill that can provide some extra income and when possible we hand out shoes and clothes to families in need.

Support for self-reliance

The idea of our support for self-reliance is that it can lead to better conditions in the long-run for the family receiving it. At the moment we are helping two families who live under different conditions. One of these families are living in one of the slums of Kampala and luckily the home they are renting was once a shop. The room facing the street is set up with a counter and shelves. What the family was lacking was the capital needed to stock the little shop. We are assisting them in this and the mother in the family is now selling vegetables and takes care of the areas water point. Now we are helping out with trips to the big market in the center of Kampala to get vegetables at a good price and when possible we buy vegetables in the countryside along the way back to Kampala after safaris for her to sell.
The second family we are giving support to lives on the countryside along the way between Murchison Falls national park and Kibale Forest national park. We came in contact with them by coincidence when our managing director Tony had a problem with the car close to their home. The family showed hospitality and gave him something to drink. Since that time the relationship has developed and a stop at the families home is now a regular part in many of our safaris. These visits are appreciated both by the family and our tourists who get to see a part of Ugandan life. At the moment our support to this family is to bring along something for them during these visits but for the future the idea is to help the mother in the family to set up a small shop by the road to get a regular income for the family.

Want to contribute?

Bring along left over clothes or toys that can be given to families in need.

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