Gorilla trekking & Rwenzori mountains hike safari – 21 days

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Meet the Mountain Gorillas of Uganda & climb the Rwenzori Mountains during this gorilla treking & Rwenzori mountains hike safari. A Uganda safari for the adventurous! Includes a seven day hike in the Rwenzori mountains as well gorilla trekking, game viewing in 3 national parks, safari walk in Ziwa rhino sanctuary and relaxation by the beautiful Lake Bunyonyi. 

This Gorilla Trekking & Rwenzori mountains hike safari includes:

  • Kampala
  • Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary
  • Murchison Falls National Park
  • Budongo Forest
  • Crater Lakes area
  • Rwenzori Mountains National Park
  • Queen Elizabeth National Park
  • Bwindi Impenetrable National Park
  • Lake Bunyonyi
  • Lake Mburo National Park

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Day by day itinerary for our Gorilla trekking & Rwenzori mountains hike safari: 

Day 1- Arrival at Entebbe Airport

We meet our tour guide at the airport and are taken to Kampala on the way we see the vast fresh water lake, Lake Victoria. Relax at the hotel to be ready for your gorilla trekking and Rwenzori mountains hike safari starting the next day.

Over night in Kampala, Maries Royale Hotel

Day 2- City tour before transfer to Rhino sanctuary

You will be amazed with how vibrant the city is from as early as 7am! Harmonizing with the sights and sounds of Kampala. Magnificent million dollar views of our City on 7 hills, historical cathedrals and more is seen during the city tour. After the city tour we leave Kampala behind and head towards Ziwa Rhino sanctuary where rhinos are being reintroduced to Uganda. Here we have lunch and you go trekking the rhinos in the afternoon.

Overnight in Ziwa Rhino sanctuary guesthouse

Day 3- Transfer to Murchison Falls National Park The Giraffe Paradise! Boat-cruise on the Nile

Leave Ziwa after breakfast and make the journey to Murchison Falls NP.  We enter the park and have lunch at Red Chilli rest camp. A highlight is scheduled in the Afternoon the 3hours boat ride on the Nile to the base of Falls where you get to see the Hippos (You have never seen more hippos yawning, Grooming in there Pods anywhere else than here- Believe me you), Nile crocodiles, elephants and a variety of beautiful bird species along the banks.  If you are a keen birder this might be your magnet to catch them.

Overnight in Hornbill Bush Lodge

Day 4- Game-drive in Murchison Falls NP and visit top of the falls

In the early morning we head out on the broad savannah for the most likelihood seeing elephants, giraffes, buffalos, possibly big cats hunting plus more as the checklist of mammals in this park reaches 76. We continue browsing the drive circuits to the delta point for a cocktail of birds and mammals species along the banks.  If you are a keen birder this might be your magnet to catch them. Have lunch and then visit the top of the falls -this is a magnificent classic highlight on our 4th day as an explosive dash of water at close range gushes through a narrow crevice. After this we head to the lodge in Budongo forest and enjoy listening to the sounds of the forest.

Overnight in Budongo Eco Lodge

Day 5- Chimps trekking in Budongo forest  & transfer to Hoima

Get into Budongo Forest for chimps trekking in the morning. You go with a specialized guide and hopefully get an exciting meeting with the chimpanzees. If you are a keen birder this might be your magnet to catch some forest species, then transfer to the town Hoima. Spend the afternoon relaxing by the pool at the hotel in Hoima.

Overnight Kontiki hotel

Day 6- After breakfast transfer to the Crater Lakes are by Fort Portal

Today during our Gorilla trekking & Rwenzori mountains safari it’s a long drive with our target to have lunch in Fortpotal as the distance was cut yesterday the pressure and fatigue is lessened. A punctuation of stopovers at sceneries like the rift valley escarpment on Lake Albert, typical African village setup in the far country side and tea plantations along the drive ways offer chances for stretching along the way as we check in late afternoon. A host of different species of Monkeys- red colobus, red tailed monkey and bush babies in this area. In the forest canopy butterflies and various bird species like the native Great blue Turaco, joyful greenbul, olive long tailed cuckoo and the superb black bee eater may be seen.

Overnight Isunga Lodge

Day 7- Village walk before transfer to Rwenzori Mountains

After breakfast enjoy a village walk and crater exploration in this beautiful area then transfer to Rwenzori base camp to get ready for the adventure starting tomorrow, a highlight of our gorilla trekking & Rwenzori mountains hike safari.

Overnight Rwenzori base camp

Day 8- stage 1: From Nyakalengija to Nyabitaba Hut, 2.652 m.

From the Rwenzori Mountains National Park Head Quarter at Nyakalengija, 1.646 m., you will receive the briefing from the guides, with the possibility of hiring equipment. The hike starts through the plantations and homes of the Bakonjo, the people of the mountain, gradually reaching garden plots and elephants grass. You follow the Mobuku river, until crossing the Mahoma river. The trail passes through an open bracken fern slopes and Podorcarpus Forest, up to Nyabitaba Hut, 2.652 m., which is the arrival point for the day. This will take from 5 to 6 hours. From the location, you are facing on the North the Portal Peaks, 4.627 m. and in front Mount Kyniangoma. During the day, you might see monkeys, the Rwenzori Turaco and hearing the chimpanzees.

Day 9- Stage 2: From Nyabitaba Hut to John Matte Hut, 3.414 m.

From Nyabitaba Hut you cross the Kurt Shaffer Bridge, through a muddy area along the Mubuku river. Then the trail climbs up through the bamboo forest. You reach a steep rocky area, which leads to Nyamuleju Hut. This point marks the start of the giant lobelia and groundsel zone. The way proceeds through a bog full of typical plants along the Bujuku river. The final point is John Matte Hut, 3.414 m. for spending the night. From Nyabitaba Hut to John Matte it can take approximately 6 hours. Enjoy the view of Mount Stanley and snow capped Margherita and Elena Peaks.

Day 10- Stage 3: From John Matte Hut to Bujuku Hut, 3.962 m

From John Matte Hut you cross the Bujuku River and enter the lower Bigo bog, a grassy bog where you experience how to jump from tussock to tussock. You reach Bigo Hut and enter the upper Bigo bog, proceeding to Lake Bujuku, where it is starting the alpine savannah zone of little vegetation. You finally arrive at Bujuku Hut, 3.962 m. This day hike can take up to 5 hours. There you have a view on the peaks of Mount Stanley, Mount Baker and Mount Speke.

Day 11 -Stage 4: From Bujuku Hut to Elena Hut, 4.540 m.

From Bujuku Hut you climb through moss draped groundsel vegetation, to Scott Elliot Pass, 4.372 m., between Mt. Baker and Stanley. Here you divert to Elena Hut, 4.540 m. for spending the night before climbing Mt. Stanley.

Day 12 -Stage 5 From Elena Hut to Kitandara Hut, 4.023 m.

From Elena Hut you ascend the last tract of rock and ice which leads to Margherita Peak on Mt. Stanley, 5.109 m. Time to complete the climbing about 3 hours. The peak was first climbed by the Duke of Abruzzi at 9.30am on 18th June 1.906. After you descend to Upper Kitandara lake and through thick mud to Lower Kitandara lake where is located Kitandara Hut, 4.023 m where you will spend the night. Time to complete the hike about 3 hours more. From Kitandara Hut you can proceed for climbing Mount Baker or Mount Luigi di Savoia and the peak Vittorio Sella. Enjoy the view of Mt. Luigi di Savoia.

Day 13 -Stage 6: From Kitandara Hut to Guy Yeoman Hut, 3.261 m.

From Lake Kitandara you climb to Freshfield Pass, 4.282 m., a long flat of high alpine mossy glades, before descending the circuit among rocky and boggy areas. The panorama is dominated by the glaciers of Mounts Stanley and Baker and Mount of Savoy. A muddy trail leads to Akendahi, Bujongolo and Kabamba rock shelters, where starts the Kabamba valley down to Guy Yeoman Hut, 3.261 m. This can take up to 6 hours. The hut is surrounded by a beautiful landscape of mountains, vegetations and rivers.

Day  14 – Stage 7: From Guy Yeoman Hut back to Nyakalengija

Final descent back to Nyakalengija. The trial is attractive along the valley of the Mobuku and Kichuchu rivers, rich in plants and flowers of the heather zone before reaching the bamboo forest. See Kabamba falls on the way. Time to reach Nyabitaba Hut is about 4 hours. From Nyabitaba starts the 40 minutes trial to see Lake Mahoma and back to the hut for descending to the Park Head Quarter. The trial takes more 2 to 3 hours. At the finishing point your safari guides meets you and takes you to the lodge by Queen Elizabeth national park to rest after your big adventure during the Gorilla trekking & Rwenzori mountains safari.

Overnight in Pumba safari cottages

Day  15 – Relaxed morning at the lodge and boat-cruise in Queen Elizabeth national park

Spend the morning relaxing at the lodge, enjoying the view and resting after your hike in the Rwenzori mountains. After lunch at the lodge the adventure of our gorilla trekking & Rwenzori mountains hike safari continues and it is time for the boat-cruise on Kazinga channel, this is a 32km channel which links Lake Edward and Lake George. This channel is said to contain the world’s largest concentration of Hippos. Be ready to see land and water adapted hippopotamuses yawning and some slashing canines to each other and the National Geographical society killing machine the Nile crocodile gaping along the banks, savanna version of pigs the warthog- Pumba of the award winning Lion King are a hallmark sign in this animal home of Mamaland Uganda.

Overnight Pumba safari cottages

Day  16 – Transfer to Bwindi Impenetrable NP via Ishasha’s tree-climbing lions

This morning we transfer through the Ishasha part of Queen Elizabeth national park. An adventurous vast savanna area with topis and the southern version of elephants, famous for its tree-climbing lions. After hopefully spotting some tree-climbing lions during the game-drive we head towards Bwindi Impenetrable national park. The journey takes us from flat savanna, via cultivated hills to forest covered mountains.

Overnight Buhoma Community Rest Camp

Day  17- Gorilla trekking day- Bwindi Impenetrable forest.

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park is the home to the forest giants that are cousins to human beings, the mountain gorillas. Have an early breakfast and be taken to the starting point of the gorilla trekking for the second highlight on our gorilla trekking & Rwenzori mountains hike safari. Together with a specialized guide you set off into the beautiful jungle and get to spend one hour with the mountain gorillas. This impenetrable forest is as well full of birds, butterflies and plant species plus forest hog, forest elephants, statungas, and dikers. After the trek we transfer through the forest to Lake Bunyonyi, it’s a beautiful drive through the neck of the impenetrable forest. Reach the lake and take in the stunning views.

Overnight Lake Bunyonyi Eco Resort

Day 18 – Relaxation day at lake Bunyonyi

Enjoy a free day by beautiful Lake Bunyonyi. Here there is a short list of possible activities such as canoeing, visiting village islands, swimming in the lake or just relaxing with a good book. For the birder Lake Bunyonyi offers nice birding with small resident and exotic bird species singing.

Overnight Lake Bunyonyi Eco Resort

Day 19 – After breakfast transfer to Lake Mburo, the ‘Zebra magnet’.

Leave Lake Bunyonyi behind and continue driving through the hilly areas, out of the vast savanna dotted with acacia and shrubs. Our aim is to be at the lodge for lunch before heading out for an afternoon game-drive. We search for zebras, topis, warthogs, giraffes, cape buffaloes and impalas as we drive along the tracks.

Overnight in Rwakobo Rock

Day  20 – Early morning safari walk in Lake Mburo NP & transfer to Entebbe

Get early up for a safari walk by the lodge with chance to see zebras, waterbucks, birds and buffaloes in their day break jungle life! Get back to the lodge for breakfast and thereafter start the drive back to Entebbe taking. Make a stop by the Equator for lunch, souvenir shopping and some photo poses where the southern- and northern hemispheres meet.  Reach Entebbe in the afternoon (if you have a late evening or night flight you can travel this day).

Overnight Lake Victoria view guesthouse

Day 21 – Flight Day.

Transfer to Entebbe airport depending on flight time as we have reached the end of our Gorilla trekking & Rwenzori Mountains hike safari.

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