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Uganda budget safari – 5 tips to make it happen

Thinking of a safari to Africa it may be seen as something out of reach for some, picturing luxurious lodges and extravagance as the only option. In Uganda a safari on a lower budget is possible. During a Uganda budget safari  you will still get a lot of unforgettable memories with great value for your money. There are some things to think about if you want to make a safari for less. Here are 5 tips for a budget safari in Uganda.


1. Don’t visit “all” the national parks

If you read up on the possibilities in Uganda it might be tempting to combine the untouched wilderness in Kidepo Valley National Park with the mysterious mountain gorillas of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. This is off course doable and two great experiences, but if you are on a tight budget it might not be the best since Kidepo is in the far north of Uganda and Bwindi is in the south. If you want to travel on a limited budget safari take a look at the map and prioritize what is important to you. Take the distances in to the equation since more transit days means higher costs for the vehicle. It can be nice to focus on a few areas and spend more than one night in every place.


2. Stay in budget lodges for your Uganda budget safari

In and around most of Uganda’s National Parks and attractions there are both luxurious and budget options for accommodation. When planning a budget Uganda safari you can take the help from your tour operator or look around at TripAdvisor to see what possibilities there are in the areas you want to visit. We arrange a lot of budget safaris and can testify that there are many great alternatives for budget lodges in Uganda.


3. Chimps trekking instead of gorilla trekking

Uganda is rich in primates and jungle experiences here gives a lovely addition to your safari. If your main reason for going to Uganda is to meet the Mountain Gorillas you should really do that, but if it’s not there are options for still getting a great primate experience during your Uganda budget safari. With chimps trekking you get to experience primates in the jungle at a budget (compared to the price of Mountain Gorilla trekking). Chimps trekking will still give you the chance to experience the beautiful jungles of Uganda and the excitement of searching for primates but it will cost you a lot less.


4. Travel with a local tour operator for your Uganda budget safari

Use the expertise of a local tour operator to plan and arrange your safari. The knowledge of an experienced local tour operator can be the thing that makes your Uganda budget safari happen. Through a local tour operator your itinerary can be finetuned to fit your budget, wishes and time-frame.


5. Make a group of friends to travel with. Just like in the jungle, team-work brings home a meal!

The more the merrier can be true both for the company and your wallet. If there is more of you sharing the fixed costs of the vehicle and guide the price per person will go down.


Bonus tip: Keep an eye out for promotions from the big airlines to get a good deal on the flight here.


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Uganda budget safari
Uganda budget safari

Having these tips for a budget safari in mind can bring down the costs of a safari in Uganda. If you are thinking about coming here and about if it is doable on your budget don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail inquiring for your own tailor made safari, we can supply you with all the info to help you discover your travel dream.


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