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Birding in Semuliki NP

Tony and our visiting birders from India explored Semuliki NP last week. On basically every birding trip we run a stop to Semuliki NP is an interesting part as it is one of the most important IBA spots in Uganda. Birding in Semuliki NP offers the chance to see birds otherwise just seen in the …


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Meeting the Batwa by Semuliki National Park

While being in the area of Semuliki National Park our visitors went to the Batwa village just outside the park. The Batwa are, as they call themselves, little people and they traditionally lived of what the forest could give them. They were hunter-gatherers and got the food, shelter, medicine and tools they needed from the …


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Visiting hot springs in Semuliki National Park

On a recent off the beaten track safari our visitors were taken to Semuliki National Park where they got to experience the hot springs. The park is located in the western part of Uganda, bordering the Democratic Republic of Congo, and it is one of Uganda’s less visited national parks. It includes East Africa’s only …


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