Eastern Uganda Safari

Eastern Uganda safari

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This month Edrisa took a couple from Israel for an adventurous Eastern Uganda Safari. This adventurous safari took our visitors off the beaten track for some unforgettable experiences. Our team started with a visit to beautiful Sipi Falls where our visitors went abseiling one of the impressive waterfalls. Abseiling is when you go on a rope down next to the waterfall. Continuing on they passed Pian upe wildlife reserve and were met by ostriches who are commonly seen around the wildlife authorities offices by the reserve. The journey of the Eastern Uganda Safari then took them up through the remote areas of Karamoja, the home of the Karamojong people who still largely live in a traditional way as cattle herders.

Next on the itinerary was the highlight of the Eastern Uganda safari; a visit to the untouched wilderness of Kidepo Valley national park. This park is found in the far north of Uganda and offers wonderful wildlife experiences and scenic nature. In Kidepo Edrisa and his team went for game-drives seeing lions twice as well as spotting giraffes, buffaloes and more. The team went for a guided nature walk where they spotted Uganda kobs, oribi, Jackson’s heartbeast, Bohor reedbuck, giraffes and buffaloes. A nature walk in a park like Kidepo Valley NP is a very special experience as you see the animals as you walk on foot through the park. Another top moment during the Eastern Uganda safari was going for a night game-drive in Kidepo Valley NP where they had the luck to see a lion going about its nightly business.

Eastern Uganda is less visited by tourists and can offer a really adventurous Eastern Uganda safari like the one Edrisa took our visitors on. We have experience of the routes in Eastern Uganda and can plan a great tailor made adventure safari for you that can include activities like rafting on the mighty river Nile in Jinja, walks or abseiling by beautiful waterfalls in Sipi Falls, close encounters with ostriches in Pian upe, cultural meetings with the Karamojong people who live as cattle herders, a journey through remote countryside and finally the highlights of Kidepo Valley national park, listed as the 3rd top national park in Africa. In Kidepo Valley national park you can enjoy the true wilderness with game-drives, a nature walk or a night game-drive.

Eastern Uganda safari
Lion seen in Kidepo during the Eastern Uganda safari

Come with us for a tailor made Eastern Uganda Safari.

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