An experience of Isunga lodge & Kibale forest

Half way through their safari itinerary our visitors from Romania were ready to explore the area of Kibale Forest. They stayed at beautiful Isunga lodge and could enjoy the lovely view out over the forest before heading for a chimps trekking adventure in Kibale Forest.


Chimps trekking in Kibale Forest


Nicknamed the primate city of Uganda, Kibale Forest is one of the places where chimpanzees have been habituated to receive visits from trekking groups (other locations where it is possible to go chimps trekking in Uganda include Kalinzu forest, Kyambura Gorge & Budongo forest). Here a specialized guide leads the trek into the jungle. It is an experience in itself to walk there below the trees and see birds, butterflies and other interesting things as you search for the chimps.

View from Isunga lodge


In the area of Kibale forest we often use Isunga lodge which offers a lovely stay in cozy cottages at a good budget. Isunga Lodge is located on a slope overlooking Kibale forest so both from the restaurant and the cottages you can enjoy the stunning view of endless forest.



Our guests were offered to taste Jackfruit, which is a very big fruit where you eat what is around the seeds inside, it is a bit sticky and tastes sweet. Tasting the tropical fruits grown in Uganda is a nice experience during safari in Uganda. Here mangoes, papaya, passion fruit is grown and if we can say it ourselves the tastiest pineapple is grown here!


Kibale Forest primates


Kibale Forest is as mentioned above rich in primates so just driving along the road you can be lucky to spot something interesting. Moses and our safari team were this time lucky to see red-tailed monkey along the way. In Kibale Forest you can as well have a chance to see for example baboons, black & white colobus and vervet monkey.


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