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Grey Crowned Crane – Birding in Uganda

If you wish to see this beautiful bird >>> birding safaris in Uganda
grey crowned crane Uganda

The Grey Crowned Crane is the national bird of Uganda. Used as a symbol for the country in different contexts. The bird in Uganda is called the “Uganda cranes” which is formally the brand name for the national carrier. Uganda Airlines has started up again, with a new name but with the bird still showing up on the planes.

grey crowned crane

In modern ethno-ornithology, the Grey Crowned Crane is also the name of the Ugandan soccer team with football as the main sport, The “Uganda cranes” was more successful in the 70’s and since then not finding the incising touch, since the demands on the soccer pitch demand aggressive combat to win the ball by tackling, attacking, sliding and speed to take on opponents!  this peaceful bird and its relaxed stance has conveyed a lot of fans and some soccer pundits to blame the poor progress of the team to the crane’s profile with suggestions to replace the name to hippo, elephant or lion to instigate fear in the opponents.

grey crowned crane Uganda
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If you wish to see the beautiful Grey Crowned Crane take a look at the top birding itineraries below


Combine two of Uganda’s great highlights, birding & mountain gorillas, during this 7 days Uganda bird-watching safari. Explore some of the great birding locations of Uganda together with a specialised birding guide.


Uganda birding safari in a nice tempo in top IBA’s habitats with a specialised birding guide. This keen birding safari lets you bag top species in the south-west of Uganda as well as trek mountain gorillas.


In this Uganda bird-watching safari we mainly focus on woodland and forest species but also include some great wetland and savanna locations. You have the chance to tick off top species like the Green Breasted Pitta, Nkulengu rail, Papyrus Gonolek and Great Shoebill Stork.

grey crowned crane Uganda
grey crowned crane Uganda
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Grey Crowned Crane
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