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Hike Mgahinga mountain

The safari for Edrisa’s team included a hike of Mgahinga mountain in the Mufumbiro ranges in Mgahinga gorilla national park. Mufumbiro meaning the mountains that cook, comming from that they are volcanoes that produced fire. This exciting hike let them see scenic landscape and beautiful nature as they hiked the volcanoe to the peak at 3474 meters.


Mgahinga gorilla national park is Uganda’s smallest national park in the far south of Uganda and part of the bigger Virunga conservaiton area shared by Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. The park gives a home to mountian gorillas and golden monkeys and it is one of the areas that the indigenous Batwa people used to live. Here you can hike the volcanoes, trek golden monkeys and mountain gorillas or take a guided walk to learn about the Batwa people.

Hike Mgahinga Mountain
Hike Mgahinga Mountain
Hike Mgahinga Mountain

a top itinerary with a Mgahinga mountain hike


Come for a 14 days Uganda safari with focus on hikes and primates. You will do a 3-days hike in the scenic Rwenzori mountains as well as a hike to the top of Mt. Mgahinga Volcano. You enter the jungle to meet primates on treks to see chimps, mountain gorillas & golden monkeys.

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