How to plan a Uganda safari

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Have you decided that it is finally time to fulfill the dream of meeting the mysterious mountain gorillas, climb the Rwenzori Mountains or see the Big 5? Then you might be wondering how to plan a Uganda safari to make it happen.

Step 1 to plan your Uganda safari

Thinking about the questions below will help you get started with the plan for your Uganda safari.

How much time do you have for your Uganda safari?
The first step to plan your Uganda safari is to think a bit about how long you wish your safari to be. Do you have time for a long three weeks holiday or just a few days? For a gorilla trekking safari the minimum length is 3 days plus arrival and departure days if needed, so that is the least amount of time you would have to allot for your adventure if the target is to see the mountain gorillas. If your dream is to reach the peak of the Rwenzori Mountains you have to allow seven days for the hike as well as travel days to reach the mountain and back to Entebbe. With that said many who decide to come for a safari to Uganda wish to discover more of this beautiful country, since Uganda is so diverse you can be kept busy for three weeks if you wish but will see plenty during a safari of 10 days too.

What budget do you have for your Uganda safari?
Before you start looking at options and getting carried away it is good to think about how much you are willing to spend on your Uganda Safari. Plan what your budget is and start looking with that in mind. Decide if you are looking for budget, mid-range, luxury or a bit of a mix when it comes for accommodation.

When do you plan to travel for a Uganda safari?
We usually say that you can travel to Uganda any time of the year, being at the Equator the seasons here don’t vary that much even if we have dry seasons and wet seasons. Planning your safari during the dry season reduces the risk of rain but also means that you are travelling during the high season so it is a tradeoff between travelling in busy times and wishing to minimize risk of rain. Our high seasons last from June to August and mid December to February and this is the driest times of the year. The wet season in Uganda normally gives rain of an hour or so per day so it is no problem to travel at this time if you don’t mind that and you get the luxury of less people in the national parks.

What do you wish to include in your safari?
When planning for a Uganda safari it is good to think through what you wish to get out of your safari. Is the main target to see the Big 5, to learn more about the culture, to tick off as many birds as possible or to go trekking mountain gorillas and chimpanzees? The answer to this question will make it easier to sort out an itinerary that fits you and will make sure you get the most out of your safari. Take time to read about Uganda and possible activities to answer this question, read guide books and look at itineraries to help in the decision. Under safaris in the menu at the top of this page you will find well tested itineraries that give you a good idea of what is possible here in the Pearl of Africa.

Step 2 to plan your Uganda safari

When you have the answer to the questions above it is time to take the next step by contacting us. At this point you might already have found an itinerary that fits you or you have decided that you wish to have a tailor made itinerary for your Uganda safari. In your first mail to us you can include number of people and preferred rooming arrangement as well as your answers to the questions above. Our experienced tour consultant then gets back to you with a suggestion of an itinerary and price based on the information you have given. From there the planning of your Uganda safari gets in to the fine tuning stages of answering any questions and adjusting the itinerary until you are satisfied.

Step 3 to plan your Uganda safari

We are now at the point of finalizing and you decide to book your Uganda safari with us. Our tour consultant drafts a contract for the safari and mails it to you to read through, fill in your details and scan to mail back to us. At the same time you receive information on how to make the first deposit to secure the safari and we start to make arrangements for your adventure in Uganda. After that it is just for you to lean back and relax as you dream of your journey to come.

Start planning for your Uganda safari today!

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