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Ishasha tree-climbing lions game-drive | Tag along

Lions by road in Ishasha
Let’s tag along for a Ishasha tree-climbing lions game-drive. Will these fascinating cats be sighted in the trees?

Ishasha sector

Ishasha is the southern sector of Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park the highlight here is a Ishasha tree-climbing lions game-drive. The Ishasha sector is well known for its tree-climbing lions. Here the lions have the habit of regularly climbing the fig trees, which is not common for these big cats. Besides the lions you can catch a sight of leopard, buffalo, elephant, topi and more while driving through Ishasha. Not to forget is the beautiful landscape that you will enjoy.

Lions on road in Ishasha

Ishasha tree-climbing lions game-drive

The Ishasha tree-climbing lion game-drive started off in the early morning after a quick cup of tea at Topi Lodge where the night had been spent. From there it is just a five minutes’ drive to the southern gate of the Ishasha sector, so a perfect lodge to have as your base to explore Ishasha. The excitement at the start of a game-drive is something special, all wondering what wildlife sightings are ahead.

When reaching the southern gate to Ishasha we were tipped off that tree-climbing lions had just been sighted along the main road a bit further away. So instead of entering the southern gate we continued along the main road. All hoping that we would get to see them resting in a tree.

We did not have to drive far before sighting two lionesses lazily resting by the road. When raising the gaze further along the road we were amazed to see two lion cups playing on the other side of the road! As we watched them the lion cubs started to cross the road to join the lionesses.

Ishasha tree-climbing lions game-drive
Spending time with the lions, will they climb a tree?

With a lot of patience the two lionesses then led the cubs away from the road, as they were making many stops to wait for the playful cubs. When we were just about to lose sight of them the lionesses changed direction and walked back to the road. Then they crossed right in front of the car together with the cubs. Would they maybe stay within our sight to climb a tree anyway?

Lions in Ishasha
Our patience pays off!

All of them then took sight on a fig tree a bit away from the road. When reaching the tree the lionesses effortlessly climbed up the tree to find comfortable branches to rest on. At this point the lion cubs where hidden in the bushes below the tree. Our Ishasha tree-climbing lions game-drive was successful, we got to see them climb a tree!

We stayed to study them in the tree for a while before driving off to enter through the gate to the game-drive tracks to catch a sight of Ishasha’s other wildlife. An unforgettable morning in the wild with Ishasha’s tree-climbing lions!

Ishasha tree-climbing lions game-drive
Ishasha tree-climbing lions game-drive
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