Kidepo Safari with Eastern Uganda

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Today a Kidepo Safari with Eastern Uganda is finishing up, together with Edrisa our returning visitors experienced the untouched wilderness of the remote Kidepo Valley national park. During five days they have been exploring eastern Uganda and Kidepo.

Kidepo Valley national park is in the far north of Uganda and to get there our team took the eastern route starting with a stop at Sipi Falls. They spent a night at this scenic location and took a walk to the beautiful waterfalls. Their journey then continued up passed Pian Upe game reserve with its special landscape and on to Karamoja the home of the Karamojong people. A stop here let them see how the Karamojong people live and see a dance performance by this people who largely still live in a traditional way and are related to the Masai people of Kenya.

The second night was spent in the remote town of Kotido before they next morning set off for the last bit of the drive to Kidepo Valley national park. Our team headed out for a game-drive with chance to see giraffes, zebras, elephants, buffaloes and big cats. A highlight of the Kidepo safari with Eastern Uganda was seeing a male lion resting on a cliff with views of the savannah. They then had a night at a lodge at the edge of the park before entering again for a morning game-drive with chance of more exiting sightings. Later in the day they left Kidepo Valley national park behind with the town of Gulu as the target. The last night of the Kidepo safari with Eastern Uganda was spent in Gulu to cut the distance to drive the next day. On the last day of the safari they made the journey back to Kampala with a stop at Ziwa rhino sanctuary for a trek to see rhinos. At Ziwa rhino sanctuary they are working to reintroduce rhinos to Uganda.

This Kidepo safari with Eastern Uganda let our repeat visitors experience scenic nature with waterfalls, remote parts of Uganda, the Karamojong people’s way of life, the highlight of game-drives in Kidepo Valley national park and trekking rhinos to finish the safari off.

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