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Meeting the Batwa by Semuliki National Park

While being in the area of Semuliki National Park our visitors went to the Batwa village just outside the park. The Batwa are, as they call themselves, little people and they traditionally lived of what the forest could give them. They were hunter-gatherers and got the food, shelter, medicine and tools they needed from the forest. In modern times the forests of Uganda have largely turned in to farmland and much of what remains is protected as national parks. This makes it so that the Batwa have limited access to the areas they used to dwell in. Our visitors met the Batwa in their village and could get an idea of their rich culture and buy handmade crafts.


In Semuliki National Park the Batwa guides the Batwa track that takes visitors to their cultural sites in the forest, such as the king’s burial site and palace.  For the one who wants to learn more about the Batwa the community living by Bwindi Impenetrable National Park runs the Batwa Experience. During this experience the visitors get to learn about the Batwa culture and how they used to live in Bwindi’s jungle. The proceeds from the experience go to the Batwa community.
Batwa community Semuliki
Batwa community Semuliki
Batwa community Semuliki
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