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Price of a Uganda Safari – What affects it?

Most of us have an idea of how much we which to spend on a holiday when we start planning and therefore it is important to know the big factors that have an effect on the price of a Uganda safari.


Length of the safari

It almost goes without saying that it has a big effect on the price of your Uganda safari if you chose to be away for 7 days or instead 2 weeks. What you might not think of is that one day added or taken off your itinerary also can play a big role on the final price. If you get a quote that is a bit above your budget one way to get it down can be to trim off a day, this can be the solution that makes the safari possible. Since each day adds on for the operation expenses (car, guide & fuel) as well as food, accommodation and activities this can be the trick that makes your dream safari affordable to you.


Number of participants

For a safari the number of people travelling together has a reasonably big effect on the final price of the safari since they share the cost of operational expenses (car, guide and fuel). We have safari vehicles can take between 1 to 7 passengers when allowing each person to have their own window seat. If you are a solo traveler the price will go up due to the fact that the operational expenses are not shared with anyone and on the other hand if you are a family or group of friends the price per person will go down since you share the operational expenses.

Price of a Uganda safari
Uganda safari price

Accommodation level

Your preferred accommodation level plays a big role in the price of your safari. There are great budget lodges at between 100-200 us dollar per night on full board at the same time as there are luxury options that charge over 1000 us dollar per night. Depending on your budget you can go for budget, mid-range or luxury level accommodation. Besides the length of the safari the accommodation level can be an easy way to adapt the safari to fit your budget. If the quote you receive is lower then you expected you can give your-self the luxury of upgrading some night during the trip to a nicer accommodation level, here we are happy to advice what could fit.


Choice of activities

The last factor that plays a big role to the price is the choice of activities. In contrast to for example a beach holiday a safari has scheduled activities most days that take entrance fees & some times other charges. Gorilla trekking is the activity that brings many tourists to Uganda and also the one activity that stands out as more expensive. With that said we have never had a visitor regret going to trek the mountain gorillas despite the price tag. When going for a safari you for sure wish to get the most out of it and spend enough time in the national parks, but to keep the price down village walks, community tourism and relaxation can be mixed in on some days.


What’s normally included/excluded in the Uganda safari price

Our quotes normally includes accommodation, meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner), safari car, fuel, English speaking guide, park entries, gorilla & chimps permits if applicable and all activities stated in the itinerary unless marked as optional. In addition to this some quotes include domestic or regional flights if specified. Not included in the quote is normally drinks, tips, visa, international flights and personal expenses like laundry, snacks and souvenirs.

price of Uganda safari
Uganda safari price

Final advice when getting the price of a Uganda safari

The best advice we can give when you are to start planning your dream safari is to have an open dialogue with the tour consultant about your wishes. Be clear with if you are planning for a budget Uganda safari or a more luxurious option. We are happy to make adjustments to any itinerary to make it fit your budget and wishes. With our experience we can suggest possible changes that can fit you and get the price of a Uganda safari that works for you.

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price of a Uganda safari
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