Safari Murchison Falls National Park

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Moses just finished up a 15 days safari of Uganda where one of the first stops was a safari in Murchison Falls national park. To get the best out of Murchison Falls national park they spent two nights at Twiga Tales Lodge just outside the park to have a full day to explore the park. During their time by Murchison Falls national park Moses and our visitors had a morning game-drive, a boat-cruise on the mighty river Nile and a visit to the top of the majestic Murchison falls.

During a game-drive in Murchison Falls NP the main target for most is to see some big cats. Moses managed to tick this target off during this Murchison Falls safari with a great sighting of a pride of lions out in the open. Besides lions they saw elephants, giraffes and more. We sometimes call Murchison Falls NP “the giraffe paradise of Uganda” here we can basically guarantee you to see giraffes. These peculiar looking animals are an impressive sight as they walk across the savannah.

The boat-cruise on the river Nile in Murchison Falls national park takes you to the bottom of the water fall and along the way you keep your eyes on the shores with chance to see crocodiles hippos, birds and more. From the boat you safely see hippos popping up from under the water as they spend their day in the cool water, keeping them protected from the hot sun. Moses and our visitors finished off their Murchison Falls Safari with a visit to the top of the Falls. Here they could see the river Nile being pushed down through the water fall. After their day in the park our team made the drive back to the Tangi gate and out to the lodge by Murchison Falls NP for dinner in the elevated restaurant with views of the sunset and river Nile. A great end to their day of safari in Murchison Falls national park.

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