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Tipping on safari in Uganda

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Here we will tell you all you need to know about tipping on safari in Uganda. First of all it is good to point out that tipping is not something required here as in some other cultures. There are no set amounts for different services. With that said a tip for good service is always appreciated.

Within the tourism industry tipping is common. You will not be looked at as strange for showing your appreciation with a tip. Many of the people you will come across during your Uganda safari live on small incomes. Your tip can make a difference in the life of them and their family.



Tipping is best done in the local currency, Uganda Shilling. The reason for this is that exchanging foreign currency can be complicated for many out in the countryside. Your safari guide is the possible exception here as the guide is used to handle US dollar and Euro.



During your safari you will come across some main situations where you might feel like tipping. We have divided these into categories below, to guide you around tipping on safari in Uganda.



The safari guide is the one who drives you around and tells you all about the interesting sights you come across during your safari. A rule of thumb can be to calculate your tip to the guide based on 10 US dollar or equal in Uganda Shilling per day.



Lodges usually have a tip box located in the reception or restaurant. What you put into this tip box is then shared among the staff at the lodge. If you have appreciated the service during your stay a tip of 10 000 – 20 000 Uganda Shilling is fine.



In restaurants you can tip the waitress/waiter around 2000 Uganda Shilling for the service.


For gorilla trekking

A guideline when it comes to tipping after the gorilla trekking is to tip equal to 10 USD per person. This tip is given to the head guide who then divides it among the team escorting you. Note that if you have asked for a porter to assist you personally you are to pay him 15 USD (this is his payment for the work so not a tip).


Cultural Performances

If you come across dance performances or other cultural shows during your safari it is common to give a tip. In most cases it is villagers performing and they are not paid but rather earn through the tips they are given. The size of the tip you give depends fully on your appreciation of the performance.


Site guides

Depending on the outline of your itinerary you might come across site guides during your Uganda safari. This can be for example site guides for birding, a nature walk, a village walk or safari walk. If you wish to give a tip in these cases tipping can be on the level of 5000 to 10 000 Uganda Shilling.



Remember that your guide is happy to advice you if there is some situation where you don’t know how to handle tipping during your Uganda safari.

tipping on safari in Uganda
Tipping in Uganda
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