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When is the best time for a Uganda safari?

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If you are thinking of coming to Uganda on a safari you might be thinking of when is the best time for a Uganda safari. We usually say that you can travel to Uganda for a safari any time of the year. Uganda is located just by the equator with a wonderful climate, i.e. we have “summer” all year around!
Weather pattern in Uganda

Uganda has a tropical climate with the year divided into two dry seasons and two wet seasons. In general the dry seasons run from June to August and late December to February while wet seasons are March to May and September to mid December. Note though that it doesn’t rain all the time during wet season; it is commonly just a couple of hours of rain in a day. On the other hand Uganda’s dry season isn’t a guarantee for no rain during your safari; it does rain during that part of the year too.


High season for safaris in Uganda

The times for high and low season for safaris in Uganda follows the weather pattern, even though it is very possible to travel in Uganda all year around. This means that we have two high seasons every year. One of the high seasons starts up in June to peak in July to August and then slow down in September. While the other high season in Uganda runs from mid December with the peak around Christmas to January to then slow down from February. These times of year are popular since there is less rain. If you are planning to travel during the peaks of the high seasons you should plan well ahead. This is especially true if you are planning to do gorilla trekking during your safari in Uganda.


Low season for safaris in Uganda

The low season months for safaris in Uganda are March to May and October to mid December. As mentioned above it is very possible to travel even during these months and you get the benefits that animals are more active, it is not so much people in the National Parks and the scenery is beautifully green. We have several visitors who chose to travel during the low season months every year.


Price differences between high and low season in Uganda

There is in most cases not a price difference between travelling during high and low season in Uganda. This is since costs of activities, fuel, vehicle, guide and most accommodations don’t change with seasons. The exception to this is if someone wishes to stay in luxury lodges. Luxury lodges in general offer a discounted prices during the low season months.


So when is the best time to go for safari in Uganda?

So when is then the best time for a safari in Uganda, if we should give another answer then that you can travel in Uganda any time of the year. For travellers who have flexibility with when they can travel we would recommend to target the months of June, September, February or March. These months at the shifts of seasons offers possibility to travel when the National Parks are not so busy, which will enhance your nature experiences even more.

Best time for safari in Uganda
Best time for safari in Uganda
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