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Choose Mamaland Safaris for safaris in Uganda tailor-made to your wishes, time-frame and budget. We are experts in Uganda safaris, so use our knowledge and experience. Let us take care of all as you relax and enjoy your Uganda holiday!
We are a leading local tour operator based in Entebbe, Uganda. A Uganda safari with us can include game-drives on the savannas, bird-watching, chimps & mountain gorilla trekking, community tourism or combine Uganda with Kenya, Rwanda or Tanzania. 
Scroll down for popular itineraries for safaris to Uganda and more about Uganda as a safari destination. Or contact us right away and we start planning together.
In the menu above under “safaris” you find all our itineraries sorted by length and special interests. Remember that we are happy to adjust the itineraries to fit your wishes. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us. We are experts in Uganda safaris, so use our knowledge & experience.

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When planning with these 3 things in mind you avoid disappointment during your Uganda safari!

Uganda safari

Short Uganda safaris

3 days gorilla trekking

Come meet the Mountain Gorillas of Uganda during this 3-days safari. Trek through the jungle and spend one unforgettable hour with the Mountain Gorillas.

3 DAYS Murchison Falls

Get the chance to tick off “the big 5” during this 3 days safari. You search for lion, elephant, buffalo and leopard in Murchison Falls NP + trek rhinos at Ziwa.

4 DAYS Uganda Safari

Trek in the jungle for chimps and gorillas as well as look for tree-climbing lions in Ishasha and experience a cruise to see hippos and more on Kazinga channel.

7 DAYS Uganda Safari

Trek chimps & Mountain Gorillas in the jungles. As well as search the savannah of Queen Elizabeth NP for lions & Lake Mburo NP for zebras and giraffes.

Longer Uganda safaris

10 DAYS Uganda Safari

Meet the great primates of Uganda with trekking of both chimpanzees and mountain gorillas. Mixed with the savanna to search for lions, elephants and more.

12 DAYS Uganda Safari

Search for the Big 5 (lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant & rhino) and trek for mountain gorillas as well as chimps in the jungles of Uganda during this safari.

16 DAYS Uganda safari

Uganda from North to South. Experience the remote wilderness of Kidepo Valley NP and then head south for more game-drives + jungles with chimps and gorillas.

21 days Experience Uganda

Get the beauty of the Eastern route northwards with Sipi Falls and Karamoja en-route to Kidepo Valley NP. Plus Rwenzori mountains, chimps, gorillas and more.

East africa combination safaris

8 DAYS Uganda Rwanda

Start in Uganda for Kazinga channel boat-cruise, tree-climbing lions and Gorillas. Then continue to Rwanda for Golden Monkeys, Lake Kivu & chimps.


Experience highlights of East Africa with Mountain Gorillas & Chimps trekking in Uganda plus game-drives in Serengeti and Ngorongoro crater in Tanzania.

10 days Uganda & Rwanda

Focus on primates! If your goal is to trek Mountain Gorillas in both Uganda and Rwanda this is a great option for you. You will also trek chimps & golden monkey.

14 days Kenya & Uganda

Start the safari off in Kenya with game-drives in Masai Mara as the highlight. Then continue over to Uganda for trekking of chimps & Mountain Gorillas.

All our itineraries can be adapted to fit your wishes.

Don’t hesitate to contact us. We are experts in Uganda safaris, so use our knowledge & experience.

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Get Uganda safari inspiration & tips
+ Free helpful PDF: “Think of these 3 things when choosing YOUR Uganda Safari itinerary”.

When planning with these 3 things in mind you avoid disappointment during your Uganda safari!

Uganda safari

What can I do during a Uganda safari?

Uganda has a varied nature and wildlife. Here you find primates in the jungles, lions on the savanna, interesting birds in the wetlands and high mountain peaks to explore. All this comes in combination with a rich culture and very friendly people that will add to your experience of a safari in Uganda. This adds up to the possibility to have a varied itinerary during a holiday to Uganda. Primate trekking in the jungle can be mixed with game-drives on the savannah, boat-cruises to look for animals on the banks, village walks to learn about the culture, hikes in the mountains with beautiful scenery and relaxation by peaceful lakes.

With us you can go for anything from a short 3 days Gorilla trekking safari to a 21-days Uganda safari letting you get the most out of our beautiful country. For the one who wishes the safari can have a special focus like primates, birding, mountain hiking, photography or culture. The itinerary can be adapted to fit your specific wishes.


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Safaris in Uganda


Uganda was called “the Pearl of Africa” by Winston Churchill and we can only agree with this statement. Here you find beautiful nature sceneries, fascinating wildlife and interesting cultures.



Located by the Equator the climate is quite stable through the year. Which makes Uganda a perfect holiday destination any time it fits your schedule. We have dry seasons and wet seasons, which coincides with the high season and low season. But honestly wet season in Uganda is also a lovely time to travel since it normally doesn’t rain more than an hour a day. The bonus you get during wet season is that the parks are beautifully green and animals more active.


When it comes to culture, Uganda is actually a mix of 56 tribes. Each of these has their own language and traditions (note though that English is the official language and widely spoken). Visits to different communities can bring an extra dimension to your safari. You can for example learn about how the Karamojong people live as cattle herders in the north of Uganda. See how the Sebei tribe process coffee around Sipi Falls. Participate in a Batwa experience to learn how this tribe used to live in the jungles of Uganda. Or simply make a stop at a market along the way to get a feeling of life in Uganda’s countryside.


Uganda’s National Parks – info & activities

Uganda has 10 National Parks that protects different types of fauna and wildlife. There are four National Parks with savannah landscape; Queen Elizabeth National Park, Lake Mburo National Park, Murchison Falls National Park and Kidepo Valley National Park. Jungles with primates are protected in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park and Kibale Forest National Park. In Semuliki National Park we have a forest landscape rich in birds. In Rwenzori Mountains National Park and Mt. Elgon National Park impressive mountains are found.


The jungle covered Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is home to the majority of Uganda’s Mountain Gorillas. We find this National Park in the south of Uganda. As the home of Mountain Gorillas it is naturally the main destination for most Uganda safaris. Visitors come here for a few different types of activities. Firstly the national park attracts visitors interested in trekking groups of habituated Mountain Gorillas. For this activity the visitors are divided into groups of up to eight participants and enter the jungle to search for the Mountain Gorillas. Once the great apes are found the visitors spend one unforgettable hour with them.

Besides regular gorilla trekking there is a very exclusive experience available for the once who wishes; it is possible to participate in Mountain Gorilla Habituation. During Mountain Gorilla habituation a group of up to four visitors spend four hours with a family of Mountain Gorillas that are being habituated to humans.

Another popular safari activity in this national park is birding. There are several locations where birders can enter the jungle to search for interesting ticks. You can also go for a community experience to see how the indigenous Batwa people used to live in the forests of Bwindi.


Kibale Forest National Park is nicknamed the primate capital of Uganda and it is a very fitting nickname since there are 13 different primate species within the National Park. Of these primates it is the chimpanzees that pull the most visitors to the National Park. Chimpanzee trekking is a popular activity to include during safaris in Uganda. During the chimps trekking you enter the jungle in groups of six and trek to where the chimpanzees are to spend one hour with them. You can also go for the more exclusive experience of chimpanzee habituation where you join the team working on habituating chimpanzees to humans for half a day.

Kibale Forest National Park is a natural stop during birding safaris, where birders go for a birding walk in the jungle with the highlight of searching for the top tick; the Green-breasted Pitta.


Queen Elizabeth National Park is a savannah National Park that is on the itinerary of most Uganda tours. Here visitors go for early morning or afternoon game-drives to search for elephants, buffalos, lions, leopards and more. Another activity is the popular boat-cruise on Kazinga channel. During the cruise on this natural channel visitors can see an abundance of birds, hippos, crocodiles, buffaloes and other mammals enjoying the water. There is as well the very special experience of seeing tree-climbing lions in the southern sector of the park called Ishasha. It is a rare behaviour for these big cats to climb trees with only two places in the world where they regularly do it.

Despite being mainly a savannah National Park Queen Elizabeth National Park has some forests too. One of these is the forest found in Kyambura Gorge where chimpanzees can be trekked. It is as well possible to include some community experiences during a visit to Queen Elizabeth National Park such as visiting a fishing village or to see how salt is extracted at Katwe salt lakes.


Murchison Falls National Park is Uganda’s largest National Park and you go here to see animals of the savannah. During morning and afternoon game-drives in the National Park you are searching for giraffes, jackson heart beast, elephants, lions and more. The mighty river Nile flows through the park and it is pushed through Murchison Falls, which are the impressive waterfalls that give the park its name. You can go on a boat-cruise on the Nile to see animals like hippos, buffaloes and crocodiles along the banks and cruise up to the point of the bottom of the falls. To get an impressive view of the falls you can visit the top of the falls, where you really feel the power of the water.

Additionally birders can explore the park for interesting ticks and a bird that probably will interest most is the Abyssinian Ground Hornbill. Nearby the park we find “the Royal mile” which is a popular stop during Uganda birding safaris as well as Budongo Forest in the south of the park.


In Lake Mburo National Park you find zebras and impalas in abundance. This savannah National Park offers the possibility to go for regular game-drives as well as walking safari and night game-drives. Animals you might see during these activities include zebra, impala, eland, giraffes, leopard and buffaloes. There are no elephants in the park which makes the landscape bushier compared to Uganda’s other savannah National Parks.

As the park boarders the land of cattle keepers you can as well be quite sure to see Ankole cattle with their impressive horns. For birders we recommend to take a boat-cruise on the lake within the park to search for ticks like the African Fin-foot.


In the far north of Uganda we have the savannah park Kidepo Valley National Park. Here you are welcomed by a scenic landscape and untouched wilderness that has been mentioned to be among Africa’s finest wildernesses. Game-drives in the park while you are on a safari in Uganda gives you the chance to see elephants, giraffe, lion, ostrich, buffalo and more. This is also one of the National Parks in Uganda where it is possible to go for a walking safari, taking in the nature on foot.

Kidepo Valley National Park is located in the Karamoja region of Uganda. This is the home of the Karamojong people and when on safari in the area you can  include a community visit to learn about this interesting people. The Karamojong live in a traditional way as cattle herders.


Mgahinga Gorilla National Park is located in the far south of Uganda. As the name indicates there are Mountain Gorillas in this National Park, one group here has been habituated to humans and can be trekked. The National Park is a good destination for safaris in Uganda for hikers. Here there are several possibilities for day hikes on volcanoes with Mount Gahinga, Mount Sabinyo and Mount Muhavura. This is the only National Park in Uganda where golden monkeys can be seen and you can go for golden monkey trekking here. You can as well go for a Batwa experience in this area, during this experience you  learn about the indigenous people who used to live in the forest.


Semuliki National Park protects a low land tropical rainforest on the borders to Congo. This park is a popular stop on birding itineraries. Here birders get a chance to see birds of the Congo basin that can only be seen here during a Uganda safari. Special birds that you can tick off here include Congo Serpent eagle, Grey throated Rail and Gabon woodpecker. The National Park is also known for the Sempaya hot springs. You can visit the hotsprings by taking a short walk into the forest.


Rwenzori Mountains National Park protects a mountain range that includes the third highest peak in Africa. If you are a hiker this National Park is a top destination. Regardless of your level as a hiker there are options that can fit you. Options are ranging from day hikes by the foothills of Rwenzori Mountains, hikes with a few nights in the mountains or the full seven day hike to the highest peak, Margeherita Peak. The mountains offer you scenic views and varied nature.


Mount Elgon National Park protects an extinct volcano on the border to Kenya. Here hikers can climb the mountain to the highest peak, Wagagai, from the Ugandan side and enjoy scenic views. On the border of the park on the slopes of the mountain you find Sipi Falls. In Sipi Falls you can take a nature walk to see impressive waterfalls and scenic nature. Here you can also go for a community experience to learn how coffee is processed in the area.

Mountain Gorilla tour

Primates in Uganda

The trekking of habituated mountain gorillas is without a doubt the activity that sparks most visitors’ interest in going to Uganda. Trekking through the jungle and then spending an hour with these fascinating primates is an unforgettable experience. The habitat of the Mountain Gorillas is found in the south of Uganda, in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

Uganda is home to 20 primate species. This includes our close cousins the chimpanzees that are possible to trek in several locations in Uganda. Depending on how your itinerary looks chimps trekking can be done in Kibale Forest National Park, Kyambura Gorge, Kalinzu Forest or Budongo Forest. Since Uganda is so rich in primates it is even possible to trek a third species here, the golden monkey. These smaller primates are found in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in the south of Uganda.

Shoebill Stork

Birding in Uganda

Uganda is truly a birding paradise with over 1025 different species and several IBA’s. The varied nature here makes it so that we have diverse habitats like wetlands, savannah, jungle, mountains, lakes and woodland. Top ticks include the prehistoric looking Great Shoebill Stork, Great Blue Turaco, African Green Broadbill, Nkulengo Rail as well as the elusive Papyrus Gonolek.

Mamaland Safaris has the experience to put together a birding itinerary based on your specific wishes (target ticks or habitats). Thanks to our knowledge about birding in Uganda we can then execute your birding safari in a professional way. You travel with a specialised birding guide and get a birding checklist.

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Hiking tour

Mountain hiking in Uganda

For the one into hiking Uganda has a lot to offer. The top destinations for hiking are Rwenzori Mountains National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.
Rwenzori Mountains is a 120 km long mountain range in the west of Uganda. Here you can adapt the length of the hike to your preference. You can chose to go for a day hike in the foot hills of the mountains to get a taste of the scenery. With a 3 day hike you get to experience more of the mountains. If you wish for a big adventure you can do the 7-day hike taking you all the way up to Margerhita peak at 5 102 m.

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park is in the south of Uganda bordering Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Here you can hike up scenic volcanoes like Mt Mgahinga and Mt. Muhabura. Hiking to the top of one of these takes a day.

Masai Mara landscape

East Africa Combination Safaris

If you wish to tick-off more of East Africa in one safari we can arrange a combination safari. During an East Africa combination safari you visit Uganda for the highlight of Mountain Gorilla trekking plus some more activities depending on time. Then we add on Kenya for Masai Mara, Tanzania for Serengeti & Ngorongoro Crater or Rwanda for more primates. East Africa is truly a dream destination for many so to see more of it in one holiday is a great option.

An East Africa combination safari can be tailor-made to fit your specific wishes. We can include as many of the countries as you like. We are happy to tailor-make the itinerary that fits you and we have the experience to make it run smoothly.

Don’t hesitate to contact us. We are experts in Uganda safaris, so use our knowledge & experience.

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When planning with these 3 things in mind you avoid disappointment during your Uganda safari!

Be inspired by our top Uganda safari itineraries

certificate of excellence 2023

Get to know Mamaland Safaris

At Mamaland Safaris we are experts in safaris to Uganda, because this is what we have been doing for years (the company was founded in 2005). You can trust us to arrange an unforgettable experience for you. Offering our visitors an easy planning and booking process that then continues with a hassle free safari is our ultimate goal. Relax as we handle all!

Tony Byarugaba who is the owner and founder of Mamaland Safaris is passionate about safaris in Uganda as well as birding. With a background as a safari guide he knows this business from the bottom-up. Tony’s experience benefits you with well planned itineraries and endless knowledge about your destination. As the company has grown Tony has built up a professional team to his assistance. Both in the office with the tour consultant that will attend to your request and with the safari guides that will take you to the field. Mamaland Safaris is a local operator with the knowledge and experience to make your Uganda tour a memory for a lifetime.


An important part for us is that the impact of your tour to Uganda is shared by more people than us. At Mamaland Safaris we wish to spread the benefits of tourism to the communities around the parks. We do this for example by being involved in a project with reformed poachers in the Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth NP. The other impact we wish to have is to contribute to building up Uganda’s tourism infrastructure through our lodge chain Woodland Lodges. With our lodges we create work opportunities to both our staff and suppliers in the areas of the lodges. Read more


Viajar a Uganda  | Resor till Uganda | Cestovat do Ugandy | Reise nach Uganda

A word from our visitors about

safaris in Uganda with us

Fantastic trip in Uganda – We were in Uganda in February and had a fantastic trip with Mamaland safaris and our guide Medi. The trip was well planned with lots of experiences, we saw many animals and fantastically beautiful nature. Our guide made sure the experiences were good and was a superb driver of our car. We can really recommend everyone to go to Uganda.

Johnny, Feb 2023, TripAdvisor


I have to say that Uganda with Mamaland safari is simply great. Everything worked from A to Z. We had incredible experiences. What Mamaland and Mr. Kočvara said and planned was fulfilled to the letter. Very nice guide Don, who tried to show us as much as possible. If you are planning to visit Uganda, don’t hesitate and feel free to order.”

Andrea, Jan 2023, TripAdvisor


Uganda safaris tailor-made to your wishes

Safari Uganda
Uganda safaris
Holiday to Uganda
Holiday to Uganda

How is it to be on safari in Uganda with Mamaland Safaris?

At Mamaland Safaris we are specialised in private safaris so you will be travelling in a private 4×4 vehicle with your own safari guide. All our vehicles have a pop-up roof for game-viewing on the savannah. Your tour guide will take care of all practical aspects during the safari so you can relax and enjoy your holiday to Uganda.

We like to take our visitors on a journey through Uganda. By this we mean that you are not just taken from activity to activity, additionally you will go home having a feeling that you have actually experienced Uganda as well. When time allows we encourage stops in villages, scenic locations and markets along the way as well as trying of local food.

The tempo of your Uganda safari is set by you in the planning stage of the safari. Our Uganda tours can be adapted to the tempo you wish. If you wish to have some free afternoons and slow mornings we plan for that. If you prefer to see as much as possible during the time here we give the safari a higher tempo.

You might have the picture of dusty roads and tuff conditions when you think of a safari in Africa. But the fact is that the infrastructure in Uganda has improved a lot in the last few years. Most longer drives are on comfortable roads where a longer distance can be covered without problem. Within the parks and when going off the beaten trek in Eastern Uganda we will encounter more basic road conditions though. In these situations you can still feel secure we only operate with 4×4 vehicles that are maintained to manage these conditions.

Don’t hesitate to contact us. We are experts in Uganda safaris, so use our knowledge & experience.

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When planning with these 3 things in mind you avoid disappointment during your Uganda safari!

Trekking during a Uganda safari

Practical tips for a safari to Uganda

Ones you have your tour in Uganda booked there are a few things to think about before you travel.

  • Visa, to enter Uganda you most likely need a tourist visa, which you apply for in advance via Uganda Immigrations online portal.
  • Renew your passport if needed. It has to be valid for 6 months
  • Check your immunisations. Note that you need to show proof of having taken Yellow Fewer vaccination at entry to Uganda (i.e. bring your yellow card).
  • Plan for cash exchange
  • Arrange for a travel insurance
  • Make a packing list to avoid forgetting anything important
  • The fun part of reading up about your destination

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Uganda Safari Lodges

With our lodge chain Woodland Lodges we offer friendly service at comfortable safari style lodges in close to nature locations in Uganda. Woodland Lodges’ lodge by Queen Elizabeth NP is Pumba Safari Cottages,  Topi lodge is the lodge by Ishasha, Hornbill Bush Lodge is the lodge by Murchison Falls NP and Tilapia Lodge is our safari lodge by Entebbe

Woodland Lodges

Uganda safari blog

leopard in tree
When is the best time for a Uganda safari?

In this blog we dive into a commonly asked question about when is the best time for a safari to Uganda. Get the facts about weather patterns as well as high & low season. Not to give away the conclusion 😉 but you can actually travel to Uganda all year around.

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How many days are needed for a Uganda safari
how many days are needed for a Uganda safari?

If you are planning a safari in Uganda you must be thinking of how many days you need. In this blog we divide the answer to this question up into the minimum days needed for a Uganda tour, the typical number of days for a holiday in Uganda and a longer Uganda safari.

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Why visit Uganda?
Why visit Uganda? – top 5 reasons in this blog

Are you comparing safari destinations and wondering why Uganda should get on top of the list? Read this blog to get the top 5 reasons why tourists visit our beautiful country. A Uganda holiday offers variation that makes sure you will enjoy.

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Don’t hesitate to contact us. We are experts in Uganda safaris, so use our knowledge & experience.

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Get Uganda safari inspiration & tips
+ Free helpful PDF: “Think of these 3 things when choosing YOUR Uganda Safari itinerary”.

When planning with these 3 things in mind you avoid disappointment during your Uganda safari!