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Hyena sighting in Murchison Falls NP

Hyena eating

Hamza and our Spanish visitors had a top sighting of hyenas in Murchison Falls National Park last week. During their game-drive they saw members of a pack out on the savannah, even catching a hyena eating. The video below was taken during the game-drive, so really giving you a taste of what you can see during a safari in Murchison Falls National Park.

Facts from the guide about hyenas:
  • Hyenas live in a pack that is lead by a female, who dictates and organizes the others in different formations as she is the one initiating hunts. The pack cooperates as sisters assist in babysitting the cubs.
  • A lonely hyena can patrol up to 60kms alone in the night searching for carrion! And since they are part of a big clan normally they scent mark areas they have covered as if they say “I have been here, no need for you to surf this area”.
  • The search for food involves very very distant exploration. In case of victory in finding a carrion food can be seen gobbled in big chunks by some individuals. These chunks are actually channelled to a sort of food sack and on return regurgitated at the big den!! This behaviour makes it so that the housekeepers and toddlers unable to make the journey can have a share too. For the cubs this is a compliment to the milk they get. Of the cat family and hunchback carnivals, hyenas have the most nutritious milk of all.
Hyena Murchison Falls NP
Hyena eating

Are you interested in coming to see the hyenas in Murchison Falls National Park? We are happy to arrange a 3-day Murchison Falls safari with accommodation at a lodge by Murchison Falls NP for you. A short safari to Murchison Falls NP includes game-drives, boat-cruise & a visit to the top of the falls (+ a visit to Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary along the way). If you are interested in a longer safari including Murchison Falls NP you can take a look under “safaris” in the menu above or contact us for a tailor-made option.

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Hyenas in Murchison Falls
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